Posture affects and moderates EVERY physiologic condition including breathing, hormones, and your golf swing mechanics."

It's no secret that Golf Instructors are forever trying to get their students (and for good reason) into "Proper Posture" in the Address Position and then try to get them to maintain their "Spine Angle" (or stay in their posture throughout their swing). Although I totally agree with this advice, I've always wondered how an instructor can take a person with poor posture (slouching rounded shoulders, forward head position, no "S" Curve in their spine, etc), and then expect them to "suddenly" be able to have Great Posture in the address position - let alone maintain it during the golf swing motion when there are so many forces placed on the muscles while they're torquing and turning throughout the swing. In addition to having a difficult time in the address position, a person with poor posture who has rounded shoulders will pretty much have a hard time getting his body to contract and expand throughout his swing.

Here's Why: FOR every INCH that the head sits forward of the hip, there'll be around 10-12 lbs of pressure put on the muscles of the upper and lower back! Therefore when a person's head juts forward up to 4 or 5 inches, they're added around 40 - 50 lbs of stress on the upper and lower back muscles - not to mention the hips, knees, and feet! Imagine carrying around a 50 lb bowling ball on the back of your neck! When you see a forward head position accompanied with Rounded Shoulders, right off the bat you know that person has muscle tightness and restrictions in his chest and back muscles. Because the chest muscles MUST expand on the backswing while the back muscles contract, these tight muscles will have a difficult if not impossible time achieving a good shoulder and torso turn. If this isn't bad enough, the tight anterior (or front) of the hips, will not allow the hips to fully "Load and Explode" into - and through the ball. On top of that, because of the stress on the muscles, joints, organs, etc, poor posture will actually fatigue the muscles and therefore drain energy out of the body…which will also affect focus and concentration. All this due to POOR POSTURE!!!

The Postursizer Can Help You:

Introducing The Postursizer:

Recently, I've come across THE BEST product that I've ever seen in Posture Restoration called the Postursizer. I've seen thePostursizer perform wonders on everyone who has used it and I'm now including it in many of my Flexibility Exercises as it definitely helps a person maintain the integrity of their pose while they're in the stretch. In short, the Postursizer teaches the muscles to relearn what they're supposed to "do for a living" and get them back into proper alignment and function; therefore getting them back to proper posture.

Postursizer comes in a 6lb, 9lb, 12lb and 15lb version. Choose whichever weight you're most comfortable with lifting - even a 6lb or 9lb weight can work great for anyone.

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