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Here's Everything You'll Get In Roger's Training Library:

THE GOLF FLEXIBILITY PROGRAM: Unlike most exercise and fitness programs that don't improve your flexibility, "Roger Fredericks Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility" is a golf specific, 3 part video series, which will improve your flexibility, creating a more fluid and powerful golf swing, guaranteed. Roger will teach you how to test your own flexibility, and then guide you step by step through - The White Tee (Beginner), Blue Tee (Intermediate) and The Gold Tee (Advanced) Flexibility Programs. In just minutes a day, you'll be amazed at how much your flexibility, and golf swing improves - faster than any other method you've tried. (Digital Access)
SWING FAULT SERIES: In this special series, Roger covers the most common swingfaults that all golfers make. Consider this an "Instant Golf Bootcamp" to fix any problem area of your swing. Roger will not only teach you how to quickly and easily pinpoint what swingfaults are currently keeping you from solid ball-striking, but he'll show you how to easily correct them. Most golf problems seem like one big "mystery" but Roger breaks it all down and will help you become an expert at diagnosing and fixing your own swingfaults. Say goodbye to guesswork! (Digital Access)
POSTURE PROBLEM SERIES: In this special series, Roger covers some of the most common posture problem areas. You'll learn quick & easy tests you can do to gauge your posture weaknesses. Roger will then show you simple step-by-step exercises and movements you can use to fix all of your posture problem areas. Learn how to "walk tall" with amazing posture, feel better about your body, and enjoy the benefits of a stronger golf swing through better posture and flexibility. (Digital Access)
SECRETS TO LONGER DRIVES: Roger will teach you what the TRUE formula for distance is, and what you need to know - and do - to produce Longer Drives. Complete with crystal clear explanations and easy to learn Swing Drills, Roger will also show you some Core Exercises that will add on, and make your swing drills that much more effective. If your Drives have gotten shorter, and your handicap is getting higher, “Roger Fredericks Reveals Core Secrets to Longer Drives“ will teach you how you can reverse that trend, and enjoy Longer Drives for a lifetime. (Digital Access)
SECRETS TO PUTTING & CHIPPING: Roger will teach you what the TRUE fundamentals of Putting and Chipping are, and what you need to know – and do – to save shots on, and around, the greens. From the grip to the stance, to reading greens and visualizing your chips and putts, Roger will take you step by step to a better short game. If you’re Putting and Chipping isn’t up to “par” and you’re wasting shots on and around the greens, “Roger Fredericks Reveals Secrets to the Short Game, Vol 1 Putting and Chipping” will teach you how to reverse that trend and enjoy a better short game for a lifetime. (Digital Access)
SECRETS TO THE WEDGE GAME: Roger will teach you the TRUE fundamentals of the Wedge Game. From off the green and in the bunker, Roger’s easy to follow instructions will teach you the basic motion that all great wedge players possess and what you need to do to get up and down with a lot more frequency. If you’re throwing stroke s away by not getting your wedges close to the hole, “Roger Fredericks Secrets to the Short Game Vol 2 Wedges around the Green,” will teach you how to reverse that trend and help you save shots around the green for a lifetime. (Digital Access)
SECRETS TO SWING DIAGNOSIS: Roger will teach you the real reasons why most golf swing faults aren’t necessarily \"habits\", but rather symptoms of anatomical functions or dysfunctions in key muscle groups due to lack of flexibility. Roger will then teach you how to effectively diagnose and treat these specific swing faults with Golf Drills and Flexibility Exercises designed to get these nagging faults out of your swing – for good! If you have a nagging swing fault that just won’t go away, this program will teach you how to get them out, and achieve a more fluid and powerful golf swing. (Digital Access)
PRE-GAME STRETCH WARM-UP VIDEO: In this special video Roger will explain why (and how) you ALWAYS need to stretch before going out to the driving range or to play a round. Going out and hittin balls "cold" is not a good idea, plus it normally takes about 5 or 6 holes before you start to feel "in the groove." It's also easy to pull a muscle when you aren't properly warmed up. Getting off to a good start makes a round of golf much more enjoyable, and this pre-game stretch routine will help you do exactly that. (Digital Access)

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