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Secrets to a Powerful
Golf Swing

This simple to use strengthening program will teach you how to achieve a stronger body and produce a more powerful golf swing, at any age. A stronger body, combined with ample flexibility, will result in more distance and consistency in your game. The program again will give you the option of utilizing the White Tee, Blue Tee, or Gold Tee Programs, so you can choose the right exercises for you. This program will get you stronger, longer, and you'll start swinging the club with effortless power.



Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility

Unlike most exercise and fitness programs that don't improve your flexibility, "Roger Fredericks Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility" is a golf specific, 3 part DVD series, which will improve your flexibility, creating a more fluid and powerful golf swing, guaranteed. Roger will teach you how to test your own flexibility, and then guide you step by step through - The White Tee (Beginner), Blue Tee (Intermediate) and The Gold Tee (Advanced) Flexibility Programs. In just minutes a day, you'll be amazed at how much your flexibility, and golf swing improves - faster than any other method you've tried.



Secrets of Golf Instruction & Flexibility Book

In this book you will learn... Why the majority of Golf Instruction is ineffective, what the TRUE fundamentals of the golf swing are, why there is no single "RIGHT WAY," or "METHOD" for all people, why most people who stretch, don't get flexible, why MOST golf swing habits aren't "HABITS" at all, but simply symptoms of inflexible and dysfunctional muscles, how to improve your golf swing and your life on and off the course, and much more!



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